Saturday, December 17, 2011

Mega Painting

Ta-da....It's a wrap.  I have been in Lake Tahoe for the last 2 weeks working on this painting that i was commissioned to do.  It is in acrylic and wow what an experience.  After getting a few tips on working in acrylic, (new medium for me) and a "Oh you'll be fine!" from fellow artist Marc Nielsen, i decided to take on the challenge.  Working this large, the piece is 7 ft tall by 6 ft wide, proved interesting as well.  The more i painted the more i really got into it.  As another artist Ellen Dittebrandt said, " they are just like pastels except wet", they can be layered over and over creating wonderful vibrancy which is what attracts me to pastels.  I was able to create the illusion of moving back into space after the initial "in your face" flowers".


  1. Beautiful Karen, welcome to the world of acrylics!

  2. Gorgeous!! So proud of you!!!..Can't wait to see it installed!!

  3. this is gorgeous!